Claudia Galavís

Claudia Galavís, jewelry designer website.

I have always had a passion: to create through my hands.

I come from a family of women who wove, painted, sewed. Using their creativity, they brought life home every day.

From a very young age, I was already one of the clan. I was only eight, when with lots of love and patience, my grandmother put knitting needles and colorful threads in my hands. I still remember my feeling of excitement and joy.

But not only creating through my hands was always relevant to me, but through my voice: I am a soprano. My paths as a jewelry designer and as a singer went somehow together. Trained as a musician from a very young age, I dedicated myself to be a culture promoter: I organized concerts, recitals and radio programs in my hometown: Caracas.

My venture into jewelry started in 2007. Always driven by artistic curiosity, I began taking several courses in goldsmith, until I was able to set my own workshop: a small atelier that has been moving with me over the last 14 years, an almost sacred space in which the hours stop, a place where I can connect myself to moments of great peace and happiness.

What inspires me?
Nature, light, beauty and the arts in their different manifestations. I connect myself to the infinity of creative possibilities through shapes, proportions and textures.

I love to observe the alchemical transformation of the elements during the manufacture of a jewelry piece. They are all part of the lay out and production process that leads me to perform this challenging and innovative craft.

How do I create my works?
I observe the world for inspiration and the design process starts flowing. When I take a piece of metal in my hands, I let myself go, feeling it, exploring its possibilities. My communication with the material is essential and I create through my direct contact with it. Sometimes, it is not for imagining the path our artistic expressions might take. However, it is always unique and special.

A silversmith, like any other artist, never finishes learning. Each earring, pendant or bracelet involves a creative process, and based on this approach, I manage to shape special jewels featuring a personal and free style. I love exploring new techniques to design unique pieces in silver and semi-precious stones, now inspired by the exquisite beauty of Oviedo, the city where I live.

Are you looking for a minimalist style expressed in unique pieces? Are you seeking a bohemian trend, timeless and elegant design? You will surely identify with some of my creations, made by hand, one by one, and using varied and mixed techniques.

Feel welcome to my creative world!