Eco-friendly Jewelry Design

eco-friendly-jewelry design. Pet plastic bottles

Is Jewelry really Eco-friendly? It`s always good and never too late  to wish all of you the best for 2022!   During the last few weeks I have been wandering around my studio, experiencing that  feeling I always get during the first months of the year:  uncertainty, like a blank canvas in front of me, full of possibilities, challenges and…

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Holiday gift guide and seasons greetings

Happy Holidays to every one!

Christmas season is almost here! A new Christmas arrives, filling us with new hope and bringing the joy of sharing with our loved ones.  Is a moment in which I love  extend season greetings. For many  this is  the moment  to reflect on the actions and achievements of an ending  year  and the time for  planning  basis for upcoming …

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Larimar or some of the Caribbean sea with you

Larimar silver open bracelet

  Are you familiar with Larimar?  The Larimar is a semi-precious stone.  It has a vitreous appearance, generally blue speckled with white. Is widely used in jewelry, typical of the southern coast of the Dominican Republic. Recently I have been craving for the color of this gorgeous semiprecious gemstone, feeling that the clear blue tones will bring back some…

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Trendy tips to combine your jewelry

Trendy tips to combine your jewelry. Matching silver and pearl elements in rings and bracelets.

Trendy tips to combine your jewelry Have you ever stood in front of your closet filled with clothes too many times thinking: “I have nothing to wear!” or  “I have wore this so many times!”?. I know, me too. But I have a secret: accessorizing can change an entire outfit and make you feel like you are wearing new…

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Reiki Symbols Jewelry.

Cho Ku Rei silver pendant charms, spiritual jewelry.

Protection energy pendants and bracelets. What does Reiki Symbol Jewelry  do for us? Today I would like to write about Reiki Symbol Jewelry, a tool for any one in the form of bracelets or pendants that  may help us keep our energy tuned to high levels. Spiritual jewelry is trendy and  has been worn by mankind throughout history. Amulets,…

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Welcome to our website!

Welcome! You are very welcome to my website!

              Welcome to our website everyone! We are very glad to give you a welcome to our website! After a few months of work, we have accomplished this small site in which you will be able to see our work, take a closer look to our atelier processes and also shop  our one…

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