Holiday gift guide and seasons greetings

Happy Holidays to every one!

Christmas season is almost here!

A new Christmas arrives, filling us with new hope and bringing the joy of sharing with our loved ones.  Is a moment in which I love  extend season greetings.

For many  this is  the moment  to reflect on the actions and achievements of an ending  year  and the time for  planning  basis for upcoming  projects.

Christmas has always been one of my favorite seasons of the year. I have  loved it ever since I can remember, and the older I become the more the felling grows!

Family time, special foods,  decorations and  music always come to remind me good times and to connect me with gratitude and love. 

It´s the time of presents and gifts! The ideal time to thank your loved ones with a meaningful token to cheer their hearts.

Planning your Christmas  gifts

Are you thinking already about the presents you will be giving? Let’s share some helpful tips for getting your presents!

It is good to begin writing a list of the persons  you want to give presents…you may divide it in categories, family, friends, working friends, etc…

After you have made your  list you can go one by one,  imagining what   kind of gift  they would be loving to get!

You might even consider giving a generic gift to all of them, let’s say cookies, calendars, season greetings card, photo albums, or whatever it comes to your mind!

And now,  after considering your budget,  you get the action going!  

If by any chance jewelry is among your choices, here are some tips for selecting your presents!



Jewelry  Christmas Presents

I want to express my gratitude and extend my Season greetings to all of you!

Yes!! Jewelry presents are a great option, and there are ways to help you choose.  

Is the person you are giving a jewelry person? What piece of jewelry have you seen her wear more? Earrings or  bracelets? Maybe a pendant?  What are her favorite colors or  gems , or maybe, is she more of golden pieces or silver ones?

After you have this questions answered it should be easier to choose something! There are adorable  charms almost for any age you will want to take a look! and if you would rather buy a one of a kind piece you may even consider the crystal quartz pendants

There are excellent options to give timeless pieces to women all ages!  But  before I leave this post, let me express my gratitude.

My gratitude!

And finally and most important, my team and me  want to express to all of you our gratitude for taking part of this community by visiting  and giving us  support during the months of this  first year of our website!  music has always been a true companion in my life, and I will leave this renaissance piece by Francisco Guerrero  interpreted by Musica Reservata and recorded in Caracas some  years ago!

I wish you all a very very joyful Christmas and an upcoming New Year full of great opportunities and wishes came true. Merry Season to all!