Aquamarine Pearl Earrings



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Aquamrine pearl earrings

Our aquarine pearl earrings are one of our asymmetrical pieces of jewlery.

Aquamarines rosecuts have a delicacy that brings tranquility. There are many benefits associated to tis gem. 

If you love handmade jewelry this aquamarine pearl earrings are a good option for you. The rosecut aquamarines have a drop shape and measure 1 x 1.5 cm. To set the stones I used  a silver bezel and silverr sheet. The delicate part is that they also carry a small fresh water cabochon pearl. The difference among the earrings is the position of the stone, one ot them is inverted. 

These earrings are suitable with any kind of clothing. We love the fact that being one of a kind type of jewelry you can use them for casual or more dressy occasions. 

Do you love to comine your jewelry? If so, you can always wear a  silver ring or a bracelet or cuff , or maybe a long necklace that would not compete with the earrings. It’s up to you!  You might take a look at this freshwater pearl cabochon bracelet . This bracelet would be a good combination to wear.



Two pari of aquamarine rosecuts with pearls earrings. One of a kind jewelry





Total length of earrings: 3.7 cm

Aquamarine size: drop sahpe 1 x 1.5 cm

Silver wire hook: 0.90 mm

Length of hook: 4 cm.