Citrine Quartz and Amethyst Pendant








In this section of one of a kind we have this gorgeous citrine quartz and amethyst pendant! This is a unique piece! Yes! a statement piece that wont be unnoticed with your outfits.

Citrine quartz properties are related to prosperity, abundance and success. This point quartz is set in sterling  silver and hangs  form an amethyst cabochon pendant, also set with fine silver. Amethysts are indicated  to transmute bad energies into positive ones and  their purple color is  always fascinating to observe.

This pendant is unique, it’s that  “one of a kind piece”  that is almost impossible for me as an artisan to repeat.  This pendant has a strong character without loosing delicacy.  You will be able to wear it with other necklaces of your choice or alone, also with many type of clothing throughout the year.


If you like point quartzes you may take a look at the double point quartz also on my web. Quartzes are the kind of jewelry you will wear for a lifetime. You might wear them with other chains and they look beautiful. If you love oxidized silver you might also combine this piece with the oxidized version of my  leaf earrings 

Don’t forget to measure your neck contour and make sure the length of the chain fits your liking. I will see if there are any adjustments to do.

The citrine quartz and amethyst pendant is also an excellent gift for someone that loves minerals and their powerful protective benefits!



Total length of pendant 8 cm

Amethyst measures  2 x 1 cm

Quartz measures  4 x 1 cm

Length of  silver chain 30 cm each side

Silver clasp