Jewelry Cloth Case



Our Jewelry Cloth Case is a wonderful way to keep your jewelry safe when traveling or going out for a weekend!

If you love delicate handmade items this case  is for you!


This Jewelry Cloth Case is handsown with a beautiful upholstery fabric utilized with both sides to create contrast. The case has two pockets inside that close very practically  with velcro. This  is an ideal case  for chains, some kind of earrings, bracelets and rings and works great for a short trip too.


If you are considering to buy a handmade unique gift, this might be a great and non expensive option. My friends have seen mine when I travel and always ask about it!  If you would like to add a pair of earrings to your gift we also have  this hand made earrings case.

I love   the feminine outcome  the fabric design gives to this case: It has a ribbon that you tie with a bow to wrap the jewelry case when closing that reminds me of some of the romantic and antique  jewlery cases seen in the movies!



Length 27,00 cm

Width 18,50 cm

Internal pockets with velcro closure: 13 x 9 cm 

Hand sown ribbon.