Mother Pearl Silver Earrings





If you love the combination of  pearls and silver take a closer look at this mother pearl silver earrings!  

Pearls and silver have always been related to the moon. Pearl is one of the gems for Cancer in zodiac and the Moon is the ruler of Cancer .Is also very interesting to read all the connection  of silver with moon. In poetry and  astrology the images 


This minimalist earrings of pearl coins and fine silver are a “must” if you love simplicity. This jewel is completely handmade in my studio atelier and the outcome is always different, because the pearls are always different and is handmade piece.

Pearls and silver have always been a beautiful combination, and there are many legends and symbolisms attributed to pearls along history.

This minimalist hooks are very easy to match with other pieces of jewelry. You will be surprised of how often you will wear them. I love the mother pearl silver  earrings! I have a pair and wear them very very often! They make an excellent option for a gift also, especially for women who love elegant and simple jewelry. They are almost for any age and also will give a boho, elegant young look to your outfits.


The pearls measure approx. 13 mm diameter and the hook that hangs behind the earlobe measures 4 cm approx. They are very lightweight, discreet and elegant. 

If you are into matching your jewelry take a look at this mother pearl pendant on my web. You may also take a look at silver pearl bracelets also on muy web. 



Pearl diameter 13 mm
Fine silver
Length of hook 5 cm