Rhodochrosite Silver Bracelet









This Rhodochrosite Silver Bracelet is one of our favorite  pieces in the studio!  If you love rose gemstones do not miss this open bracelet! 

This beautiful bracelet has a rhodochrosite cabochon and is open, very comfortable to wear.

Rhodochrosite is the gem of unconditional love and is the stone form Argentina.  They call the stone Inca’s Rose, according to the legend that states that the gems were formed with the bloods of their kings and queens.



For this bracelet I work with 1.3 thickness silver wire and leave the piece open, this way it’s easier to wear and you won’t have to struggle with the size of the wrist or arm. The bracelet ends on the other extreme with a small freshwater pearl cabochon. This is a very contemporary yet timeless design that suits well with many outfits. You may combine it with other jewelry if you wish so, or wear it alone. Our clients love it!  

If you  would like to match it  you ay take a look at this earrings one my web,


Gemstone cabochon 2 x 1.5 cm.
Internal diameter of the bracelet 6.5 x 5. cm
Freshwater pearl measures 0.5 x 1 cm
Silver wire 1.3 mm