Round Leaf Hook Earrings




The round leaf hook earrings are a lovely pair of earrings. We love the boho timeless style of this piece.

This round leaf hook earrings are fold formed and hammered to give texture and form to the piece.

The technique I use to fabricate  this piece is the same I use for the round leaf zirconia earrings. The difference in this case is the thickness of the silver. This  hook earrings are thinner to make them less heavier.


We love the brightness and delicacy of the piece as well as the easy to match jewel they are. You can wear them with daily outfits, or with more dressy clothes. 

If you love to combine your jewelry you can get the silver leaf charm and combine the two of them, either with a necklace or with a bracelet chain. You may also wear this pair of earrings with silver necklaces that you already have. It will all depend if you have more of a minimalist taste for wearing jewlery or not.

Remeber, these earrings are handmade and might have slight differences among them.  This is what we love about handmade jewlery!



Diameter: 1.5 cm

Total Length of earrings: 2 cm.

Lenght of wire hooks : 3,5 cm.

Silver wire hook thickness: 0.90 mm.