Rutilated Quartz Pendant Necklace









Faceted gemstones are always beautiful! This rutilated quartz pendant necklace has a contemporary and elegant look!

The oval rutilated quartz lies in a box of fine silver, and has a simple and classic touch. The pendant hangs from a stainless steel wire a very modern and contemporary style. The closure of the wire is a silver hook. 

If you like  to combine your jewelry you may wear it with other chains of different lengths to add a boho touch.


Rutilated quartz gemstones bring wellness to the people who wear them  and also help during   healing processes. If you are looking for crystal clear faceted quartz take a look at this statement piece on my web site!

Another feature about the rutilated quartz pendant necklace is its timeless look, a jewel that you will be able to wear all year long with many kind of outfits! Wear it with winter clothing or summer outfits and it will go very well!

We love the simple outcome of this piece, since every gemstone is a unique  world in itself.


Length of pendant: 5 cm/ 2 inch
Width: 1 cm  x 0.8 inch
Total length of the steel wire cord: 43 cm  x 18 inch