Square Zirconia Earrings








This square zirconia earrings are elegant and minimalist!  Square gemstones  always have a modern or  contemporary touch. With  Swarovski crystal gemstones, this zirconia hooks are set in fine silver and have a sparkly style that won’t be unnoticed! We love the outcome of this design, as do a lot of our customers that have got them!


You can wear them as the only jewelry accent of your outfit or combine them with other jewelry of your choice. The best feature I find in this earrings is the spark. It`s amazing how the spark gives glow to the face and lifts up the outfit you wear. Among the two sizes I offer, I basically love the bigger one! The princess cut of the gem is clearly noticeable .I also prefer the white ones, but I have have to say my clients love the lavender! 


There are two sizes of the square zirconia earrings, either these that measure 1 x 1 cm or the smaller kind that measure 0.6 x 0. 6 mm. Let us know which you prefer!

We have also different colors, beige, lavender, olive and white.



White Zirconia 1 x 1 cm , princess cut
Hook length 5 cm
Weight per earring 3.6 grs approx.





Additional information

Zirconia 1 x 1 cm

Zirconia 1 x 1 cm. White.

Zirconia 0.6 x 0.6 cm

Zirconia 0.6 x 0.6 cm Olive green