Trendy tips to combine your jewelry

Trendy tips to combine your jewelry. Matching silver and pearl elements in rings and bracelets.

Trendy tips to combine your jewelry

Have you ever stood in front of your closet filled with clothes too many times thinking: “I have nothing to wear!” or  “I have wore this so many times!”?. I know, me too. But I have a secret: accessorizing can change an entire outfit and make you feel like you are wearing new clothes. Today I want to give you some trendy  tips to combine your jewelry.

So, lets see how we can upgrade those looks with the jewelry you have in your box!

Combining jewelry is an art and even though fashion moves on, there are some rules that always remain. Take note of this tips to combine your jewels. So when choosing your jewelry there are certain things you might want to take into consideration:

  • Be loyal to your style

One of the first things I say to my clients is to be loyal to their style and taste. You have your own unique way which makes you feel good and happy and the pieces of jewelry you get should bring you joy and pleasure, when you see them, touch them or wear them!
You have to feel comfortable and special. If you are not feeling so, then don’t wear it. You can take risks with the accessories as long as you are comfortable wearing them.

  • Choose stones and metals that have meaning for you

Consider getting your  birthstone or a gemstone that you love its color. Choose the metals you like, some persons like better how silver looks on them rather than gold and so on… be observant and see how you feel.
So, once you know the kind of jewelry you like to wear then you apply some other basic rules to be stylish and trendy when you combine your jewelry.

  • Less is more

The world’s most elegant woman, Coco Chanel, was said to have advised the following when dressing with accessories: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”
If you are minimalistic or the practical type of person “less is more” might be your phrase! You may look very stylish by only wearing only a pair of earrings with a bracelet or a ring and that will be it.
Perhaps you might prefer to feature more a pendant or a necklace as the only ornament. The great thing about this is that the jewelry will shine on itself because there are not any distracting elements around, and the outcome usually is elegant, simple and classic or even contemporary and striking when wearing a statement jewelry piece that will become the star of the outfit.


Silver chain, gold plated thick chain and pearl necklaces combination. Mix your jewelry and renew your outfits!


  • Occasion counts. Be trendy and appropriate!

It is most important to consider the occasion to which you are dressing for! I is not the same to go to work, to go to the beach or to go to a dressy cocktail party.
Before choosing the jewelry you will be wearing, think before if it will be suitable and comfortable for the occasion or activity you will have. You won’t play tennis in high hills, why would you wear a long necklace or big earrings for that?
There are certain jewels we never want to take off, like wedding rings or maybe a thin gold chain with a charm very dear to us; but if you are wearing for instance a strapless cocktail dress and you want to wear a thick necklace you will have to remove the tiny chain.
If you are going to play sports, go to the beach and have maybe a lunch afterwards striking, shiny, big jewelry might not be your suitable option. But if you are going to a brunch with your friends, you might want to show off.


Combining copper and silver jewelry for a boho look may take your outfit to a gorgeous level! Copper and beads lariat with a citrine quartz amethyst pendant!uartz

  • Combine your clothing with your jewelery

The style of clothing is something you want to consider when you combine your jewelry. Regarding color, textures, fabrics and length of garments is very, very, important.
There are dresses, jackets, blouses or pants that are very flashy…when wearing something like that you might consider to put only a pair of earrings and a ring or maybe bracelets with a short necklace over your skin.
On the contrary, if you are wearing a minimal dress or a white shirt with jeans, you can upgrade you look with statement jewels or layering necklaces and pendants, or wear many bracelets.


Assorted pendants for ideas on how to wear a byzantine chain necklace      


  • Size matters!

Believe me, if your jewelry is too big, medium or too small it matters!
If you wear very big earrings you might not want to wear a necklace, they will compete against each other. Combine those earrings with a big bracelet or a pair of rings, otherwise the outfit may look too exaggerated and none of your jewelry will get any attention.
If you are wearing a big ring then leave it alone, do not mix it with other rings. On the other hand if you are wearing thin necklaces, thin rings, or small earrings it is easier to combine them either with pieces alike or among themselves. If necklaces are the case you might wear them in layers, over your skin or a solid color shirt and they will look very beautiful. You might also combine silver and gold and it won’t matter.

It’s all in the balance, and take Coco Chanel’s advice, before leaving the house take a look in the mirror and take something off… but leave the house fully clothed please.

  • Upgrade your jewelry with timeless pieces!

Cheap jewelry looks pretty, accesible and you can buy them off the rack, but it probably won’t last long and you will end up throwing it  after a few months or a few wears.
Nowadays  we need  to think about the environment and instead of shopping something we will wear once or twice, we may choose something that will last longer, something that will not generate waste and that comes from ethically sourced providers.
Timeless jewelry is always welcome. I love those jewels that last for a lifetime. The jewels that can be worn throughout the seasons, the whole year long. With the years become more meaningful to you. Chain bracelets, rings, gemstone pendants… those pieces are a must in your jewelry box.


  • Other trendy tips to combine jewelery

∞ If you have a ring that is big for your fingers, but you love it, wear as a pendant with a chain!
∞ Mix metals, silver and gold go beautifully well! Take the chance to try it…For boho looks you may also consider mixing copper jewelry with silver jewelry also.
∞ Pair every day jewelry with more sophisticated special jewelry… you might be surprised how gorgeous some combinations may turn out!
Buy timeless jewelry.
∞ And most important: wear anything that you are comfortable with, that feels ok, and that makes you happy.