Hammered silver flower earrings





These hammered silver flower earrings are one of my  first designs,  years ago when making jewlery for my daughter. 

They always remind me of the bristish designer Mary Quant, who in the sixties had so much impact in fashion design internationally.  

The hammered silver flower earrings are made with silver sheet. They  have  the shape of a five petal flower and hold with a siliicon closure.

One of the features of this piece is the glitter it gives to the face. The earrings are very lightweight too, which is  very nice if you consider the size and the sparkle they have. 

These earrings are very trendy and match almost with any outfit you wear. For dressy occasions and for more informal events you will love how they fit!  If you are the type of person that loves to combine your jewlery I would suggest maybe to wear  them  with a silver bracelet. If you would like antoher piece of jewelry with this design please contact me. Together we can design something that suits your taste. 

This kind of earrings are more than enough with an outfit. I would combine them with rings or bracelets, but not with with necklaceses. 




Diameter: 3 cm  approximately. 

Silicon closure.