Flat Pearl Silver Pendant










This flat pearl silver pendant  is a very elegant necklace yet simple piece of jewelry. Ideal to wear alone or to combine with other jewelry of your choice this piece won’t be unnoticed.


This is one the pieces of jewelry you will never get tired of wearing. I own since the very first day I designed it and it`s been one of those necklaces I wear daily, throughout the year and the seasons.


Among the many types of pearls the flat coin pearls are very nice to design with. They have a minimalist modern touch that I like a lot. This necklace  carries a flat coin mother of pearl in a fine silver bezel, is a very light weight piece. The necklace chord is a very fine double steel wire that looks almost invisible, making the pearl look as if floating on your chest.


The flat pearl silver pendant is an ideal gift too, since it goes well for women any age. If you love modern, contemporary and elegant jewelry this is a must! Don´t miss the earrings or bracelets if you are into combining your jewelry pieces. 



Minimalist, simple and timeless!


Dimensions 13 mm pearl

Necklace length approx. 40 cm.