Upcycled Silver Spoon Bracelet




Eco-friendly jewelry is a great option today. This piece is an upcycled silver spoon bracelet, made with one of my Grandma’s  OKA silver spoons, German silverware. This silverware house is not active anymore, but there are shops that sell vintage cutlery that are inspiring.

This unique bracelet is made with an old silver spoon and a freshwater pearl  cabochon.  Designing upcycled pieces helps sustainability and  provides  us artists to be more creative in our crafts. It becomes challenge!


The spoon bracelet is 100% handmade in my studio with forging and hammering techniques and in one of the extremes lies a freshwater pearl cabochon  that gives that unique touch that has timeless jewelry.

The bracelet is open, which makes it very comfortable to wear, and the pearl rests at the side of the piece.


If you have  a spoon you would like to turn into an upcycled  silver spoon bracelet message me!  We can design something special as a custom order.


If you love pearl cabochons and silver but like a smaller piece of you jewelry take a look at this other bracelet on the shop!



Internal diameter: 5 1/2 x 5 cm

Pearl diameter 4 x 6  mm

Spoon oval measures  approximately  4 1/2 x 3 cm