Cleaning Tips / Jewelry Care

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With this brief post I feel glad to help you with some suggestions for taking care of your jewelry, according to metals, gems, pearls or finishes. Let us begin with some things that are very important!

Jewelry is not best friends with water! I recommend not wearing your jewelry when showering or swimming in pools. Chlorine and chemicals tend to tarnish or strip away the polish or oxidation finish and sun lotions can also soil metals and gemstones. So, it is important to be careful when using this cosmetic lotions or perfumes.

Cleaning tips for your jewelry

  • Highly polished silver can be rubbed with a jewelry or soft cloth. You can also use this cloths in gold plated jewelry to remove grease and dirt. If the pieces have pearls or gemstones always be careful to protect them from scratches and or chemicals that can take their natural properties away.
  • You can clean unoxidized silver in a silver dip. It is very important that you wash it afterwards with soapy water with a soft brush or cloth, so the residues from the dip are washed away.
  • Oxidized or dark silver will tend to vanish in time. Do not dip this pieces in any silver polishing compound because the desired finish will strip away and the piece will have to be re-done. Simply clean it with soapy water and dry it afterwards with a cloth.
  • Pearls are very delicate. Avoid perfumes and body lotions, swimming pools or taking showers while wearing them.
  • Gold plated jewelry is delicate also. The above suggestions apply also when wearing this type of jewelry. If you are going to dip them into compounds this has to be done quickly, and also avoid scrubbing them too hard, because the plated will strip away.
  • Some people tend to darken the silver and/or gold plated jewelry. The above methods apply the same to cleaning this jewelry, although sometimes is best for these persons not to wear the silver jewelry, because it darkens too fast on them.

Where do you keep your Jewelry?

I suggest keeping your jewelry inside of their original boxes, or in a jewelry compartment box. This way the pieces won’t scratch or tangle among themselves and you will also be able to find them easier!

And please remember! All of our jewelry is 100% handmade! Differences among the pieces or the pictures on the web are due to this artisan work. Colors may differ also from those on the photographs too!

So I hope this tips and suggestions may be useful for you and if you have questions feel free to contact us!
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