Silver Byzantine Chain Bracelet










This silver byzantine chain  bracelet is completely handmade, ring by ring, with the greatest attention to detail according to the ancient byzantine chain pattern.  The Byzantine Empire  existed from approximately 395 CE—when the Roman Empire was split—to 1453 and left an important a valuable artistic legacy. Jewelry is one of them.

 A Byzantine chain is a metal intricate design used in jewelry that incorporates a rope-like texture and organic textural design. The chains are supple and flexible, and drape well.  The chain is a 4 in 1 chain meaning that each link passes through four others.

This unique jewel is a timeless and versatile wrist bracelet. You can wear it alone or with any other jewelry of your choice. It will surely stand out!

There is a pair of  silver byzantine chain earrings with square zirconia that you may love. In case you like t to combine your jewelry or want to change to earrings.


If you like you may also wear  this silver byzantine chain  bracelet   with a  hanging charm  of your choosing.

When placing your order please, let me know the size of your wrist to make adjustment if necessary.




Total length of chain 18.5 cm
Diameter approx. 0.5 cm
Weight 23 grs.