Energy Protection Reiki Bracelet




Wearing an energy protection Reiki bracelet is a wonderful way to keep your energies uplifted!

Are you a Reiki giver? Have you ever received Reiki? Cho Ku Rei is one of its most powerful symbols and here I bring it into this silver charm bracelet. Wearing it reminds you of its protective energy and connects you to its benefits, that’s why  an energy protection Reiki bracelet is a great option also for for a present.


This silver charm bracelet is 100% handmade in my atelier studio. This jewel is made   with  sterling silver and with a silky synthetic ribbon that you can adjust with a macramé knot.


You can wear this bracelets  alone or combined with other chains or bracelets of your choice! They are trendy, casual and fit well with many clothing. Energy protection Reiki bracelets are useful to protect your energies!

The ribbons have assorted colors, navy blue, red, pearl and grey . Make sure you let me know which one  you prefer!


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Reiki Symbol:  2,5 cm x 1 cm
Silver 925
Ribbon diameter 1.5 mm
Adjustable  macramé knot