Reiki Symbol Protection Pendant




This Reiki Symbol protection pendant is handcrafted in sterling silver. Reiki symbols are known to be powerful in healing processes and everyday more people are getting acquainted with this ancient healing method. Cho Ku Rei is the first symbol of Reiki and its main purpose is to open the gates to the flow of energy.


The Cho Ku Rei symbol provides healing energy and protection to anyone who invokes it or wears it. If you like copper jewelry you might take a look at the  Copper Reiki Symbol Pendant on my Etsy shop. Copper is also an excellent metal for healing purposes. 


If you have had the experience of receiving Reiki and you loved it, or you are a Reiki giver this symbol is a wonderful and powerful tool to protect yourself. The pendant is 100% handmade in my atelier studio with sterling silver wire. You may wear it with a chain, a leather cord or a ribbon! If you love bracelets you may also take a look at this Cho Ku Rei Bracelet on the site.


If you are looking for a present this might also be a good option for anyone seeking for health and harmony into their lives. Do you want to know more about Reiki? Check this post in my blog! 




Silver 925

Total Length 4 cm
Width 2.5 cm